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100 Cambridge Street


100 Cambridge Street is a two-level underground parking garage located in a 22-story office tower residing in the historic area of Boston. Due to building restrictions, the 24/7 parking facility has limited space for promotional signage and relies heavily on delivering exceptional service and word of mouth to promote its business.

SP+ Office Services created a plan tailored to these unique circumstances. The team directed a major operations overhaul by repainting the garages, installing better cleaning and maintenances procedures, and applying a more professional employee dress code. A rigorous customer service training program was also implemented, emphasizing to all employees the importance of maintaining quality service on a day-to-day basis.

Monthly parker accounting was previously handled manually and did not provide the client with any records or reporting. SP+ Office Services reconciled all monthly parking accounts and began providing the client with electronic reports through its ClientView platform.

Improved parking service resulted in increased revenues, with financial results achieving a substantial 30% increase in the first year under SP+ Office Services management.

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