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SP+ Corporation Selected to Provide Sphere Technologies for Parking, Transportation & Remote Check-In at Portland International Airport


SP Plus Corporation (SP+), (Nasdaq: SP), a leading global provider of technology-driven mobility solutions for aviation, commercial, hospitality and institutional clients throughout North America, announced its selection by the Port of Portland in Oregon to continue its tech-based parking, ground transportation, and remote check-in operations at Portland International Airport (PDX).

“We’re pleased to continue our longstanding relationship with SP+,” said Steven Koester, Parking Systems Manager at Port of Portland. “They have proven a valuable partner in managing our landside operations.”

Under the new five-year agreement, SP+ manages approximately 19,500 parking spaces located in three garages and five surface lots and uses its proprietary Sphere® technologies to efficiently operate the valet system. A remote check-in option is also available to valet customers who wish to streamline their travel experience.

“The technologies implemented at PDX are specifically designed for the airport and travel industries. As the Airport expands and adapts to accommodate more passengers and employees, our Sphere technology products have the flexibility to meet those growing needs,” stated Jason Finch, Senior Vice President, West Airports for SP+.

SP+ also operates 28 shuttle buses that transport visitors and employees around the PDX campus, which includes the airport operations area (AOA), specific to taxiways, runways, ramps, employee parking areas and other restricted spaces. The Company also manages the ground transportation for passenger pick-up/drop-off—adding to the seamless, high-level of customer service across the Airport’s landside transportation operations.

“We’re grateful to the Port of Portland for giving us the opportunity to continue working with the PDX team to deliver an exceptional, customer-centric experience for travelers—from the time they arrive at the Airport to the moment they return from their trip,” added Finch.

SP+ has a long history and presence at PDX that has expanded over the years. Under separate contracts, the Company also manages skycap, wheelchair, and baggage handling at PDX under its Bags® service line for various airlines and with the Port of Portland.

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