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Guest Services

Discover Bags®, with numerous products and services that streamline airport and airline operations, simplifies the traveler experience, and delivers a wide array of value-add services.

Leveraging multiple advanced technology platforms, Bags makes every moment matter for airport travelers. From traditional skycap services or Bags branded Curbside Concierge product, to wheelchair and baggage service office management, and Bags signature service Remote Airline Check-in, these services use innovative technology promoting high-quality customer service and efficient operations. A customizable solution, Bags adapts to meet your facility’s needs and goals.


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Specialized Services for Travelers With Extra Needs

Our skycap and Bags Curbside Concierge reduce congestion at the check-in counter and alleviates travelers’ stress, especially for those with a time crunch. Our wheelchair services deliver reliable help to those travelers with additional needs.

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Luggage Management Support for Airports and Airlines

Tracking, finding, and returning delayed luggage is time-consuming and laborious. Our luggage management services give airports and airlines the extra experienced hands needed to expedite the process and keep travelers happy.

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Cleaning Services That Put a Shine on the In-Terminal Experience

Our soon to be launched cleaning services keep the in-terminal environment clean and sanitary, ensuring travelers and airport workers have a healthy space move through. These teams also provide luggage repair and replacement services.

Solutions that support our airline clients and their customers.

Our infrastructure, proprietary technology, and metric-driven staffing models enable us to optimize skycap operations for the airlines. Skycap programs can be tailored for a single airline or an airport/airline consortium. With operational transparency, superior customer service, and transition expertise, we help you create an exceptional skycap experience that pleases your travelers and boosts your ROI.

We re-invented the wheelchair experience to make every moment matter for travelers who need additional assistance. Our holistic operations platform allows us to monitor, create and assign SSRs quickly and easily. Our advanced capabilities provide work order histories and real-time performance metrics so you can determine performance guarantees and cost controls that enhance guest experiences.

Remote Airline Check-In adds mobile kiosks in venues like hotels, resorts and convention centers. Our process streamlines departure by allowing guests to check in for their flights, receive their boarding passes, and check their luggage without enduring long lines at the airport.

Delayed baggage happens. Our Baggage Service Office provides immediate customer assistance helping airports and airlines manage issues and deliver swift solutions without needing more staff. Our Baggage Service teams are industry experts who know how to problem-solve quickly while maintaining outstanding customer service.

SP+ is the nationwide leader in delayed baggage delivery servicing over 275 U.S. airports, serving 20 airlines. Our Bags Home Serv Delivery works with airlines and airports to help passengers get their luggage back as quickly as possible. Since we first started offering this service, we have managed over 15 million deliveries. Passengers can access up-to-the-minute info on their luggage with real-time status updates online via Where’s My Suitcase.

Our Bags Rynn’s Luggage Division uses sophisticated and interactive technology solutions to help customers and 17 airlines with luggage repair and replacement. If luggage is damaged or lost, airlines can feel confident knowing our team will treat their customers respectfully and resolve their luggage issue quickly.

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